Nahr el-Bared camp was totally destroyed in 2007 leading to the displacement of over 27,000 Palestine refugees. Since then, with the support of the Lebanese Government and the international donor community, UNRWA has been engaged in its largest ever individual reconstruction project, with an estimated cost of US$ 345 million dollars. The reconstruction project is 54 per cent complete in spite of many challenges. Of the approximately 5,000 families who are registered to return, 2,641 families have received the keys to their newly reconstructed houses as of May 2017. 
The Stories of Women in Prison for Drug Related Crimes
Women across the Americas are being incarcerated for low-level drug offenses at an alarming rate. In Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Peru, well over 60 percent of each country’s female prison population is incarcerated for drug-related crimes. Total prison populations in Latin America have grown as well; Colombia’s prison population has swelled 300 percent in the last 25 years. The policies that have led to this surge in imprisonment have torn apart families and crippled women’s abilities to find decent, legal employment once they have been released, perpetuating a vicious cycle of poverty, desperation and incarceration.
The Palestiniadi (the Palestinian Olympics) is a three-day sports event for children and youth living in Palestine refugee camps and gatherings in Lebanon. As UNRWA-UNICEF Communications Officer Ghazi al-Omari explains in this film, the event brings together more than 300 participants, including Palestine refugee children from Lebanon, Palestine refugee children from Syria in Lebanon and Lebanese children, to compete in different sports activities. This year marks the ninth edition of the Palestiniadi, which started in 2008. “I hope that these children look at the bright side of their lives and try to overcome all the struggles,” says al-Omari.
Para la Oficina de Washington para Asuntos Latinoamericanos (WOLA por sus siglas en inglés) estas estadísticas muestran que México sigue priorizando el control migratorio, a pesar de las palabras de Peña Nieto en la ONU. “Por un lado, México exige a Estados Unidos que trate a sus migrantes con dignidad, pero después voltea con los centroamericanos y otros migrantes en tránsito y les niega sus derechos más básicos”, plantea en entrevista Maureen Meyer, coordinadora del Programa México y Derechos de Migrantes para WOLA, quien critica que “México sigue priorizando las deportaciones sobre la protección de migrantes que podrían estar huyendo del peligro”.
Many urban youth lack opportunities to learn about the environment and experience the natural world first hand. A New York City childhood is spent playing in the park, learning about “nature” in museums or on television. It can be difficult to find a single patch of green, let alone the grandeur of the wilderness and the clarity and direction it gives to our lives. At Christodora, we believe an escape from the concrete is not just a privilege—it’s a transformative experience that allows youth to better understand the natural world and shape their role within it.
This photographs were taken in Ein El Hilweh one week after an armed clash between the Joint Security Force and an Islamist group on 7 April 2017, calming on the night of 12 April 2017. Many refugees at other camps within Lebanon, particularly those near Tripoli, were displaced to Ein el-Hillweh during the civil war. The camp became the biggest camp in Lebanon, in terms of both population and area size. It was especially hard hit by violence between 1982 and 1991, which resulted in a high number of casualties and the near total destruction of the camp.
Churchill - Polar Bear Capital
The city Churchill has obtained world wide fame for being the "Polar Bear Capital" of the world, since every October it is invaded by nearly 1,000 bears making their way to Hudson Bay as it begins to freeze over. This project for Discovery Channel took us all the way to Manitoba, Canada, to observe first hand the effects that global warming has had in the region. Discovery Networks is committed to bring awareness to this issue and for Earth Day they released this small campaign so we can "Keep the Arctic cool"
Una madre desaparece forzadamente dejando un hueco enorme en la vida de su familia y en particular de sus dos hijas. Dana y Vania apenas tenían 4 y 6 años de edad cuando su madre fue arrancada de sus vidas. Luli, madre de Pamela y abuela de las niñas ha dejado todo para buscar a su hija. En medio de todo este miedo y la desesperanza: ¿Cómo seguir adelante?
WOLA is a leading research and advocacy organization advancing human rights in the Americas. We envision a future where public policies protect human rights and recognize human dignity, and where justice overcomes violence. WOLA tackles problems that transcend borders and demand cross-border solutions. We create strategic partnerships with courageous people making social change—advocacy organizations, academics, religious and business leaders, artists, and government officials. Together, we advocate for more just societies in the Americas.
The 2015 earthquake changed Nepal forever, The international media told the world about the more tan 9,000 dead, hundreds of thousand injured and displaced. But what happens after all eyes are gone? How does the life of the common people get shocked and most importantly, How do they carry on?
UNV - Refugees serving refugees
Serie de Docu-reportajes para United Nations Volunteers. Miles de refugiados palestinos sirios buscan reubicarse en Líbano y las agencias de la ONU trabajan en conjunto para poder cubrir la demanda educativa de los nuevos estudiantes que vienen de Siria. Refugiados palestinos libaneses adquieren contratos por parte de la UNV y no sólo enseñan, sino que sirven como amigos y guías para ayudar a sus alumnos a superar los traumas de la guerra y el desplazamiento forzado.
Asmita lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is a patient of a project called Shanti Sewa Griha and has been living there for 4 years. She is from a very remote area called Humla in Northern Nepal and when she was a baby she burned her feet with the cooking stove. Desperate, her parents sent her daughter to Kathmandu and have not seen her ever since. This short documentary explores Asmita's Journey back home.
The goal of Shanti Sewa Griha is to help others help themselves. It provides the means necessary for people of all ages in need of help and protection to come and find refuge at Shanti. Shanti currently cares for a total of approximately 1,000 people in need. In the meantime, Shanti has become to well-known that people from all over Nepal are sent or brought here. Leprosy sufferers, accident victims, children and adults with physical disabilities due to polio, people with physical or mental handicap, the chronically ill, women expelled by their families, orphans, the blind, the deaf and people who are old and fragile. None of these people enjoy a status in the Nepalese caste society that allows them a life of human dignity.
Santa Martha penitentiary, Mexico City. A group of inmates undergo a three week laughter yoga program and try to make their dark days in prison a little bit brighter. The yoga is performed without any humorous reason to laugh, with one practitioner observing that "The mind does not know that we’re faking it."
From executive producer Diego Luna, BACK HOME follows a different celebrity guest each week on an intimate and emotional voyage to their family¹s country of origin. For some, it¹s their first chance to set foot in the place their parents or grandparents were raised. For others, it¹s a chance to get to know a different side of a country and culture that has shaped who they are. Every episode is an exciting journey of self-discovery that sheds light on the power of family, friends and our roots.
lululemon - A Change of Pace
Two young entrepreneurs are redefining island time as they spur social change in Puerto Rico through the SweatLife.
José Luis decidió irse a buscar suerte en Milwaukee, EE.UU. Jaranero de corazón, extraña a su país y a su familia. Camerino, su padre, decide darle una sorpresa, conectándose con él para poder tocar un Son Jarocho juntos por primera vez en 5 años. Descubre como ellos todo lo que puedes hacer con la tecnología de Google y cómo ésta te mantiene siempre cerca de lo que amas.
Desde su estreno en Broadway en 1997, El Rey León ha ganado más de 70 de los mayores galardones del orbe, entre ellos seis premios Tony, en las 22 producciones globales que han sido vistas por más de 80 millones de personas.
Working as a lawyer in Mexico, Lucha Castro's work focuses on judicial activism, legal literacy and the co-ordination of support to empower women in situations of gender-based violence. She is the Director of the Centro de Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres A .C.- CEDEHM (Centre for Women's Rights in Chihuahua), a non-governmental organisation, based in the city of Chihuahua, which promotes and protects the rights of women and offers legal and psychological support to women victims of violence.
Pablo Ferrara y sus amigos nos muestran el valor de la amistad, el coraje y la pasión de vivir cada día al máximo, haciendo lo que más les apasiona. Descubre en palabras de Pablo porque "Hay que aceptar el diagnóstico, pero nunca el pronóstico, el pronóstico tú lo construyes".
A 30 años del terremoto que devastó México; héroes, víctimas y protagonistas comparten sus historias con Discovery Channel. 30 years after the earthquake that devastated Mexico; heroes, victims and protagonist share their stories for the Discovery Channel.
Bagan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tourism is getting huge on this small city and you can find luxury hotels with all the commodities and even swimming pools even though it is located in one of the driest areas of Myanmar. But a few miles outside of the touristic area locals are struggling with the water supply, whole villages and schools lack basic access to water.
The Village of Kin Tat was devastated in 2008 by a Cyclone. Juan Nieto, a Mexican alpinist and altruist, helped the region in many ways but not even him could have predicted the level of commitment the villagers of Kin Tat had towards the education of their children.
Debbie Berebichez
Originaria de Teotitlán del valle, Oaxaca, Abigail Mendoza es una de las cocineras más notables y carismáticas de México. Su cocina ha viajado por todo el mundo, y aunque nadie es profeta en su tierra, sí lo son los sabores que le saca su metate, su brazo derecho. Como muchos la han llamado es quizás la embajadora más notable de la cocina tradicional de los Valles Centrales de Oaxaca, y su restaurant Tlamanalli, ubicado en Teotitlán del Valle, a una media hora de la capital, ha sido visitado por todo tipo de personalidades de todas partes del mundo
Initiated by caring for 9 children in the year 2000, the programs of New Light today serves more than 250 children of various age groups. The services offered by New Light includes education, healthcare, nutritional support, recreational facility, HIV/AIDS care, income generation opportunities for the women and residential care for many of the young children from the community. Legal aid and advocacy against gender based violence are other thrust areas of New Light`s operation.
Alejandro Solalinde es un sacerdote católico mexicano defensor de los derechos humanos de los migrantes. Es a su vez el director del albergue Hermanos en el Camino que proporciona asistencia humanitaria e integral además de orientación a los migrantes de Centro y Sudamérica en su paso a Estados Unidos.
Terremoto del 85
Rommel Pacheco
In July 2003 New Light set up a multi-functional shelter for the children of the Dalit community located behind the crematorium in Keoratala, Kolkata. The ‘dalits’ (meaning the oppressed in Hindi) of that area comprise mainly of ‘Doms’, a caste that has traditionally been marked as `untouchables' because they take care of burning the dead bodies. Those born into this caste hold professions that are considered highly undesirable and looked down upon. In the rigid caste hierarchy, these individuals are never expected to hold any other profession other than that assigned to their caste. Even though un-touchability as a practice was abolished almost a century ago, people belonging to the ‘dalit’ community of India still continue to be subjected to stigma and discrimination.
On April 25th 2015 a 7.8 earthquake shook the country of Nepal. This are some shots from the damage the natural disaster left behind. Photography by CARLOS PÉREZ OSORIO
Shanti has become to well-known that people from all over Nepal are sent or brought here. Leprosy sufferers, accident victims, children and adults with physical disabilities, people with physical or mental handicap,women expelled by their families, orphans, the deaf and people who are old and fragile. None of these people enjoy a status in the Nepalese caste society that allows them a life of human dignity.
Bal Sarathi, NGO has come forward to deal with problems of the disadvantaged children and their parents and provide them support, education, care and aims to contribute to realize the goal with the development and welfare of the children in Nepal. These children live as social rejects attached to prostitute mothers, beggar families and criminal elements. Invisible boundaries confine these impoverished children to deplorable living conditions and social rejection on every level.
BACK HOME - MICKEY GARCÍA He is a former WBO and The Ring magazine featherweight champion, as well as a former WBO super featherweight champion. We took him back to Mexico to re discover his roots.
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